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Last updated 23 May 2016
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This week's MT VOID contents :

The Western Tradition (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
Strange Cars (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...  (Presidential Visits) 
     (comments by Evelyn C. Leeper)
"NOT SO MUCH," SAID THE CAT, by Michael Swanwick (book review 
     by Joe Karpierz)
RUSHLIGHTS (Original and Director's Cut) (film review 
     by Mark R. Leeper)
Elon Musk and Iain M. Banks (letters of comment by Philip Chee, 
     Paul Dormer, Peter Trei, and Keith F. Lynch)
Primary Elections and Delegates (letters of comment 
     by Philip Chee, Keith F. Lynch, Kevin R, Tim Bateman, and David Goldfarb)
History and the Past (letters of comment by Tim Bateman 
     and Keith F. Lynch)
This Week's Reading (ASSASSINATION VACATION) (book comments 
     by Evelyn C. Leeper)
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Mark and I were Fan Guests of Honor for Windycon XXIX, November 8-10, 2002. Here are:

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If you want to get some idea of my philosophy, check out my .sig quotes.

I have been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer twelve times, most recently in 2001.

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"Enveloped in a common mist, we seem to walk in clearness ourselves, and behold only the mist that enshrouds others." --George Eliot, "Leaves from a Note-Book"

Here are some links to sites of interest:

Also available are:

  • Details on the "Danish King and the Star of David" story
  • George Eliot's "Shadows of the Coming Race" (an interesting piece of futurism, including discussion of what came to be called Von Neumann machines!)
  • Edward Everett Hale's Brick Moon
  • Mark Twain's "War Prayer"
  • Ambrose Bierce's "Killed at Resaca"

    Evelyn C. Leeper